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“Secrets to Mobile Strike Success Revealed”

Michael Hess

From: Michael Hess
RE: How to Become a Mobile Strike Pro
Date: Today

Dear Fellow Mobile Strike Player,

There is absolutely nothing worse than getting crushed by an attacker in Mobile Strike. After spending so much time building what you thought was a strong defense, you get beaten to the ground. The competition is though in Mobile Strike, especially if you are like me just someone who wants to have fun without spending a fortune on in-app purchases. That's why I decided to write the Mobile Strike Guide. In the Guide you will learn how to thrive in the game with several powerful strategies and tips. With the valuable information that can't be found anywhere else on the web, you are set to succeed in Mobile Strike.

My name is Michael Hess and during the past weeks I have spent a lot of time analyzing and studying Mobile Strike mechanics and gameplay. I have tested many different approaches & tactics for all aspects of the game and documentented it all. During this time I have found patterns and trendlines from which I have been able to create the best strategies to flourish in the game and leave all competition behind.

In the Mobile Strike Guide You Will:

  • Learn secret strategies & tips that will help you grow big and strong
  • Learn how you can use hack tools and cheats to get free Gold (I have tested 8 different cheat engines)
  • Learn how to spend your resources & gold wisely for maximum effect

Some of the readers of the Guide have been kind enough to send me their honest opinions and feedback on it. This is what they have had to say:

“The Mobile Strike Guide has been a great help to me. The tips in the ebook are very useful and I have gotten a sweet revenge on some guys that used to attack me all the time!”


“I decided to download the Guide because I had already tried two ways of hacking the game and neither worked. I now have virtually unlimited Gold thanks to the modding tutorial.”


“I used to stand defenceless against much stronger attackers and it demotivated me so hard I almost quit playing the game. My luck has finally turned thanks to the Mobile Strike tips”


Whether you're really struggling in the game or doing good but looking to get better with the right tips, I can guarantee you that you will become better at Mobile Strike by reading the Guide. The Guide is available for a limited time only and to prevent the secrets in it from getting leaked to the public there is a limit of 100 downloads per day. Make sure to download it before you miss out!

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